Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Name Wall Hanging

I thought I would share what I've been creating in Studio J this week. I plan on putting this on a 12x24 canvas & using it as a wallhanging instead of a layout in an album. I'm just waiting on it to arrive in the mail. If you would like to create one of your own, just ask me how!

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Tamytha said...

Hey Marianne!
Just saw your comment on the boards, but it was three pages back and I didn't want to bump it to the top...LOL
How are you?
Love the wall decor project. Really cool idea!
I am definitely going to go to convention. I actually made a really good friend last summer. One of the consultants on my upline's team, lives less than 30 minutes away. We're rooming together and actually flying in and out together.
With you living in Texas, I am assuming you will be there? Hope so. I'll see you there!